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Welcome to my web site!

     I am an independent paralegal and non-lawyer document preparation specialist. I assist my attorney clients with legal research and memoranda with regard to criminal law, appeals, postconviction relief, civil litigation, and substantive law matters. I also draft extraordinary writs and appellate briefs.
    The main attorney client that I conduct this work for is Daniel D. Mazar Esquire.    I have been working for him for over 8 years. The main focus of his law firm is civil litigation, appeals, criminal appeals and postconviction relief. 

I have many other attorney clients that I have conducted various types of legal research for and references are available upon request. 

   I assist my other clients with family law issues e.g., visitation, divorce, custody, parenting plan, modification of child support (upwards or downwards), temporary custody, marital settlement agreements, step-parent adoption, annulments, prenuptials and postnuptials, qualified domestic relations orders and many more. I also assist my clients with the preparation of  driver's license petitions, credit restoration, student loan forgiveness applications, executive clemency, expungement or sealing of criminal records, criminal history challenges, wills, summary administration for probate and small claims. Call for a free telephone consultation at 321-704-0874.

   While I can assist my clients in the preparation of Supreme Court approved and Florida Supreme Court approved motions, applications, petitions, and other legal documentation, I am not an attorney and cannot offer my clients legal advice.

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I offer in-home and mobile services throughout Florida for customers who cannot travel to my main office. Please call today to learn about the affordable, nonlawyer services that we offer to the community.

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